Yardi ConsultantWhen it comes to property management software, there’s simply no better platform than Yardi. If you’ve just recently decided on using Yardi for your company, you’re bound to find the cloud-based platform to be extremely helpful in managing day-to-day property management-related tasks. However, there’s truly no limit to what this software can do for you. To truly understand its full potential, you may want to consider hiring a 3rd party Yardi consultant to go over the uses, benefits, and customization options.

Your 3rd party Yardi consultant is your partner in ensuring the software works for you, not the other way around. As such, they need to have a keen understanding of how the software works in general. For instance, at the Jacobs Group, our Yardi consultants have many years of experience in software implementation outside of the property management platform. This means they’re not just here to pitch Yardi to you. Instead, they focus on what you need out of the software and if it’s possible to make Yardi fit your company’s goals.

In most cases, Yardi can be customized to meet all of your needs. As the implementation of any software typically develops in phases, your consultant will work with you to decide what aspects of the platform will be implemented in the first phase, and what can be worked in with each phase thereafter. By the end of the implementation cycles, you should have the perfect platform in which to operate your property management business.