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What our clients say?

Yvonne Klasik Prairie Management & Development, Inc. Chicago, IL

We’ve engaged The Jacobs Group in 2011 when converting from another accounting system to Yardi Voyager. Chris had an in depth understanding of the software and guided us every step of the way from the basics to the intricacies and dependencies. His team was very knowledgeable and helped with both market and affordable property conversions. The setup and property roll-out was fast and reliable. We’ll be happy to work with The Jacobs Group again if the need ever arises.

Andrew FentonVP Operations Wynford Vancouver, BC Canada

“Chris Jacobs has been an invaluable resource for us at The Wynford Group. His past experience as a property manager and relevant field knowledge paired with his understanding of the Yardi system provide clients like us with a unique opportunity to truly partner with someone who understand what we need and knows how to achieve results. In technology you are often faced with the challenge of communicating a business process need that a developer does not understand… with Chris and The Jacobs Group they are masters at translating the business need into the technology development required. Through working with Chris and The Jacobs Group our Yardi processes have become more efficient and the development is done much quicker than dealing directly with Yardi.”

Daisy NguyenDomininum Management (Client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Working with The Jacobs Group has been a pleasure. Chris and his team have diligently provided me with a high level of support on numerous projects. He has always delivered results, on time, as promised, while listening and adapting to my changing needs.”

Liz SnyderController, Atlantic Housing Foundation (Client)

“We found The Jacobs Group very responsive and helpful in planning the implementation and subsequently being available for troubleshooting issues that arose. TJG has been very responsive to our needs as projects and issues arise and their knowledge and expertise is a valuable resource for us and we continue to utilize their expertise on Yardi for both residential and affordable issues.”

Deedra BurroughsCFO, American Apartment Management (AAMCI) (Client)

“The Jacobs Group was very professional and assisted us with our project in an efficient and organized manner. The Jacobs Group has knowledge of the details within Yardi Voyager that have been very valuable to our team, both in implementation and in our current custom reporting needs.”

Brenda BartonVP Accounting, Manco Abbott, Inc. (Client)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “Our relationship relates to our company as 3rd party fee managers & running Yardi Voyager as our specific primary industry sortware. The Jacobs Group has responded to any request we made or needed in a timely manner & they have a complete understanding of our corporate needs. I highly recommend them (and have done so) as a consultant firm that can get the job done.”

Diana MillaBuckingham Property Management (Client)

“Chris Jacobs and his employees have been a professional key resource to us and we intend to continue our business relationship for our support needs and value their ability to work as a liaison and trainer between our personnel and Yardi.”

Ryan AhlfMBA, Pacific Medical Buildings, Inc.(Client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time “Chris and The Jacobs Group were a fantastic find for us while doing a conversion from MAS 90 to Yardi. They worked very diligently to get our system up and running by our required deadline. They also were there to give us as much support as required once we were up and running. I would pick The Jacobs Group again if I were to go through another conversion. I will also continue to draw on their expertise as the occasion arises.”

Robert ConnellController, Community Corp. of Santa Monica (Client)

“The Jacobs Group have always handled our Yardi issues professionally and responded quickly to our questions and inquiries.”

Terry M. SeatonCOS, TRACS Data Analyst, Minnesota Housing

"I am glad to give a reference for the Jacobs Group. JG worked with us on a number of situations involving many properties. JG assisted the owner/agent with changing their software from Real Page to Yardi. The owner agent’s site employees struggled at first to use the Yardi software to produce TRACS files and their associated certifications, move ins, move outs, annual and interim recertifications, etc., and JG helped train them to do their work correctly as well as fixing problems they had in producing their monthly vouchers and transmitting the files through iMAX for our Agency and ultimately for HUD. The client is doing well now and I believe that JG was very helpful to them in that regard. I always found JG to be very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help and it has been a pleasure to work with them! Additionally, I heard positive references for JG from my co-worker, who works with owner/agents for another company in Rochester, MN and various other locations throughout our state."

Brian HaackContoller, Titan Ventures Inc. (Client)

The Jacobs Group helped us convert our Section 8 properties to Yardi Voyager. "We hired The Jacobs group because of the complexity of migrating from HUD Manager on the compliance side and Yardi Professional on the accounting side to one system. The Jacobs Group took the time to understand our current operating procedures. Through the use of this knowledge, they helped us enhance our internal control processes, leveraging the features of Yardi Voyager. We completed our conversion project on schedule and are very pleased with the results."

Meaghan WilliamsCornerstone Group (Client)

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “Working with Chris is always a pleasure. On several occasions, Chris has been able to deliver high-quality projects quickly. He's a wonderful trainer and an asset to any team.” “I've worked personally with Chris on many different levels while using Yardi Systems and his work is unparalleled. He is extremely knowledgeable and I look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Julie Oswald (Client)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time “My experience draws from the client perspective. Our conversion was 120 properties and implemented faster than any other of its size. I am very grateful for Chris and the Jacobs Group team expertise. They provided solutions to the questions and issues that arose during our converison. The team assigned to the conversion was professional, innovative, prompt and fun to work with. The Jacobs Group organization and team work helped me to be successful in management of overall project conversion, providing a win-win for all involved in the project. Thank you, Chris and Team!”

Jeffrey Callan

Project Manager, Deloitte Consulting “I worked with Chris during his time as an implementer for Yardi Systems. Chris's excellent product knowledge was instrumental in the successful implementation of Yardi's product at a mutual client of ours. I highly recommend Chris's services as a real estate techonology consultant.”

Paige Kaye

Director of Development, KPR advisors “Chris is one of the best! He knows his stuff, is personable and fun to work with and communicates project deliverables with the kind of honestly and specificity that means you always know where you stand. I highly recommend Chris as a skilled consultant and can guarantee you that you will be happy with any results you ask him and his team to produce.”

John DesautelsPresident, Smart Business Solutions

"Chris is a well known and highly regarded Yardi consultant. He pays attention to the details in his work and client relationships. Chris strives for excellence. “Good enough” is not good enough for Chris!"

Debra HerreraTech Support, Datawatch

Tech Support, Datawatch “Mr. Jacobs’ 20 years of experience in property management, software accounting implementations and as a business entrepreneur places him in the unique position to provide property management executives who have selected the Yardi property management program for their accounting solution, the ability to use Yardi to the highest level in effectiveness and efficiency. Mr. Jacobs’ extensive knowledge of Property Management Accounting specifically addresses accounting best practices and rules and regulations critical to the successful management of conventional / market properties, construction/development projects, condo associations, affordable housing, and commercial holdings. Mr. Jacobs can provide a action plan to those executives newly transitioning to Yardi as well as those property management companies who continue to grow their holdings and require the tools to address the details of incorporating those properties into Yardi efficiently and effectively. These integrated strategies of processes, procedures and tools enhance individual employee performance allowing companies to further develop their profit productivity and performance level. Mr. Jacobs has successfully bridged the art and science of people, profits, and software in the property management industry.”

Don SeymourImplementation Specialist

“Chris Jacobs is a Professional with extensive knowledge and vast experience, especially with Real Estate Property Management and the Affordable Housing market. Chris has proven again and again to be a great Project Manager, and putting together his own Consulting Firm speaks for itself. I highly recommend Chris, and I will always enjoy working with him and his wonderful and positive personality.”

Julie Lindman KoonceYardi Client

“Chris has always provided my clients with outstanding consulting services and goes above and beyond the call of duty - always!”

Joel BishopProgramming Manager The Jacobs Group (Prior JG Employee)

"At The Jacobs Group, I worked closely with Chris Jacobs while managing the development team there. Although Chris resided in California and I in Massachusetts, I found Chris to be easy to work and communicate with both over the phone and via email. Chris always made himself available to me when I needed him and he was always happy to help. Yet, what is most memorable about Chris is his dedication to his customers. As he did with me, Chris would always take time to talk to and help customers no matter how busy he was. Working with Chris Jacobs for nearly a year, I could tell that Chris enjoyed working with his employees in the relaxed atmosphere he created. Chris is not the kind of CEO that expects his employees to live at work. Chris values hard work, but respects that work is only part of a person's life. Had Chris Jacobs not made the decision to relocate The Jacobs Group to California, I would certainly still be working with him.

Elaine WallaceSystems / Senior Manager, The Wynford Group (Client)

“During our conversion, The Jacobs Group was invaluable and we recognized the benefits they could bring to our group... benefits from their clear understanding of property management in Canada and their extensive knowledge of Yardi. The Jacobs Group also helped us ensure we were taking advantage of all the various features within Yardi which helped streamline our own systems. All our employees benefited from their training and we have continued to implement their recommendations”

Alan Tzvika NisselPrincipal, Wilshire Skyline

The Jacobs Group has been there with us from the beginning of our transition from QuickBooks to Yardi and ever since then every step of the way. Given its sheer power and complexity, managing the Yardi property management system can be challenging and even frustrating at times. Having the Jacobs Group at our side has been critical to our successful incorporation of Yardi as our property management system of choice.